TAGNW Wellness is a TAGNW member program to strengthen our technology community through support and resources to promote personal and professional emotional, psychological, and physical well-being.

Program Overview


TAGNW will host a monthly recurring Wellness program meeting highlighting various wellness topics, invite Q&A, and end in open discussion. Additionally, program activity will centralize around the TAGNW Community Hub in a private Wellness section for group and private text, voice, and video discussion. All TAGNW Members are invited to participate. Our first meeting kicks off Winter 2022. Please review the program and apply to join us when launched!


Gratis TAGNW Memberships

TAGNW now offers Gratis Individual Memberships for TAGNW Metallic Members. Similarly: students, faculty, and staff of Skagit Valley College, Western Washington University, and Whatcom Community College may claim a FREE TAGNW Gratis Student Membership and participate in TAGNW Mentorship and all other TAGNW programs. Please use your organization email address to claim your FREE TAGNW Gratis Individual or Student Membership.

Wellness Guidelines

  • All personal information shared in the group is confidential.
  • No sharing of photos or information of participants.
  • Avoid situations that could be perceived as inappropriate.
  • If meeting in person, all company policies of locations must be followed.
  • All activities are recommended to be facilitated via the TAGNW Community Hub.
  • All activities outside of official TAGNW events are at individual discretion.
  • Reminder: All participants are volunteers and fellow TAGNW Members.
  • The advice of participants should not be construed as medical advice.

Application Form

Please review and accept the program requirements and complete the online TAGNW Wellness Application Form to participate. Information collected in the Application Form is used only for contact by TAGNW Wellness organizers and to inform program interests.

TAGNW Wellness Application Form


Please contact TAGNW, with any questions or comments at president@tagnw.org, 360-312-7105, or via private message at the .