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TAGNW announces the launch of Whatcom STEM

By April 4, 2022Community, TAGNW

Technology Alliance Group for Northwest Washington (TAGNW) is honored to announce the launch of Whatcom STEM on behalf of Whatcom STEM Partners to Develop and promote STEM education, career-connected learning, and digital literacy in Whatcom County.

The launch of Whatcom STEM will organize existing partners and establish new partners in collective action to improve STEM education, career-connected learning, and digital literacy in our community. Whatcom STEM will promote partner organizations and programs to raise community awareness, create opportunities for collaboration, provide community resources, and support county-wide strategic efforts.

Any organization interested to participate in Whatcom STEM is invited to submit their information via the Whatcom STEM Partner Application Form. Information will be integrated into a new Whatcom STEM website in development, a contact database for local collaboration, and a mailing list for future activity. Whatcom STEM Partnership is FREE for ALL organizations until September 2022, and always FREE for NONPROFIT organizations. All are invited to submit their contact information via the Whatcom STEM Contact Submission Form to be included in a contact database and notified of Whatcom STEM activities.

An online discussion system has been launched at the TAGNW Community Hub in a new Whatcom STEM section. The TAGNW Community Hub leverages the Discord online discussion platform for strategic real time discussion. Free. Open to everyone. All are welcome.

Recurring monthly meetings are established for the Whatcom STEM Partner Meeting (3rd Tuesday at 3pm) and the Whatcom STEM Digital Literacy Workgroup (4th Tuesday at 3pm). Additional workgroup meetings are anticipated to focus efforts according to participant interests. Future efforts will organize resources for teachers, administrators, parents, and students.

Current efforts are focused on collecting partners, establishing organizers, and launching initial programs. Opportunities to volunteer in Whatcom STEM activities are open! Please join us at the TAGNW Community Hub to connect with program organizers to support our efforts.

Sponsorship opportunities are available to provide financial support for Whatcom STEM, which will primarily fund a STEM Coordinator role at TAGNW. Sponsor benefits include recognition, marketing, and promotion opportunities and a special Whatcom STEM Launch Sponsor designation. Community support provided in any form is incredibly appreciated!

Please contact TAGNW, for all inquiries at president@tagnw.org, 360-312-7105, or via private message at the .