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TAG Student Outreach – Winter 2020

By January 8, 2020TAGNW

Good Morning, Students!

Welcome to Winter Quarter 2020. TAG has been busy building new student and community programs and we have several announcements to share. We invite you to join TAG as a TAG Student Member, attend TAG Predictions 2020 with Mark Anderson this Friday for FREE, apply to participate in our new TAG Mentorship Program, and attend our first TAG Cybersecurity meeting on January 21st.

TAG Student Membership

Become a TAG Student Member ($25/year) and gain access to the majority of TAG programs and events for free! This is a new offering to expand access to TAG events and programs for our students who are interested in technology education, professional development, business networking, and building relationships with your community.

TAG Predictions 2020 with Mark Anderson

As a TAG Student Membership signup bonus, we are offering FREE TAG Student Membership tickets to our event this Friday: TAG Predictions 2020 with Mark Anderson. Mark Anderson is an incredibly interesting and inspiring technologist who deeply understands global technology and economy trends. He returns for his 15th annual TAG Predictions Luncheon at WCC Syre Auditorium Friday at 11:30pm-1:30pm. We invite you to join us for free as a TAG Student Member.

TAG Mentorship

We welcome you to join us as a TAG Student Member and apply to be a TAG Mentee or TAG Mentor. Mentorship is a fantastic way to expand your understanding, build personal and professional relationships, and benefit from the rich experience of the TAG Community. TAG Mentorship will launch later this month! Contact us if interested.

TAG Cybersecurity

TAG is delighted to announce the formation of the TAG Cybersecurity Community Group and invite you to our first meeting on January 21st with the featured presentation Cybersecurity Challenges Facing Local Government. The TAG Cybersecurity Group is comprised of regional cybersecurity professionals, faculty, and students. We’ll meet monthly for presentations, discuss cybersecurity topics, provide support for students entering the field, and organize community service events. We’ll work closely with WCC and WWU to collaborate and incorporate TAG programs such as internship and mentorship to help build a strong cybersecurity community. See our announcement on the TAG Blog for more details.

TAG Social

A new quarterly event, TAG Social is focused on community building and awareness. We’ll invite all of our Members, Community Groups, and Community Partners to join us for a simple happy hour social for a night of conversation, networking and community building. Come learn what is happening in your community, meet new people, and build strong personal and professional relationships. Our TAG Social in December was a great success. Stay tuned for our next TAG Social in March.

About TAG

Technology Alliance Group for Northwest Washington (TAG) was founded as a 501(c)(6) non-profit organization in 1999 to advocate for technology, foster innovation, and provide community for industry, businesses, professionals, and students. Our goal is to engage, inspire, and help our community to thrive. Read our TAG Vision to learn more about TAG, how we work, and why we do the things we do.