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TAG launches mentorship program open to all TAG Members

By May 5, 2020TAGNW

Technology Alliance Group for Northwest Washington (TAGNW) is proud to launch TAG Mentorship, a new program at TAG to Strengthen Our Technology Community as we invite TAG Members to connect and share knowledge, experience, and expertise. Join us in making lasting relationships and invest in the next generation of our community. All TAG Members are welcome to participate as a mentee, mentor, or both by submitting a TAG Mentorship Application purposed to pair professional and personal interests and aspirations with an intelligent mentorship match.

For inquiries please contact Michael Gan at president@tagnw.org.


TAGNW: https://www.tagnw.org
TAG Mentorship: https://www.tagnw.org/mentorship
TAG Mentorship Application: https://www.tagnw.org/mentorship-application