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TAG Annual Meeting 2020 Recap

By March 22, 2020TAGNW

TAG proudly recognizes the service of our incoming and departing TAG Leadership this winter! Thank you to everyone for your support and service. Your contributions strengthen our technology community and we appreciate your many efforts and commitments of time, resources, and expertise.

TAG Major Impact Award

First, it is my profound honor to recognize Janice Walker of Whatcom Community College for her exceptional service to the TAG Community. Janice was presented with the TAG Major Impact Award at the TAG Annual Meeting for incredible leadership throughout her career at SPIE and Whatcom Community College, and further highlighted with her service on the TAG Board of Directors, including the role of Secretary.

All that have had the pleasure to work with Janice know her to be dedicated, determined, caring, thoughtful, occasionally softspoken, and consistently a truing voice of reason. Janice has made a remarkable impact on TAG with her numerous organizational, event, and strategic contributions, and our community is forever grateful. Following her resignation from the TAG Board of Directors, Janice continues her service to the TAG Community as a member of the newly created TAG Advisory Board.

While I have the pleasure of personally thanking Janice, I know that I am eagerly supported by her peers in presenting Janice with this honor. Thank you so much, Janice. You are deeply appreciated.

TAG Leadership Changes:

As is every winter, TAG realigns with community interests and needs to deliver programs and services to benefit our local technology industry. This process has evolved and this year features a more open format, including the addition of an Advisory Board to provide expanded and varied feedback and expertise, and the reconstitution of several committees. Thank you, everyone, for your contributions. Here are our leadership changes to report:

TAG Board of Directors Outgoing:

  • David LeBow of Alpha
  • Ray Kubista of BTC

TAG Board of Directors Incoming:

  • Greg Crowder of Conversica
  • Karl Hess of Alpha
  • Kathryn Mathews of BTC

TAG Board of Directors Returning:

  • Matt Bain of Sole Graphics
  • Bryan Brown of Emergency Reporting
  • Ed Harri of WCC
  • Jack Ingram of WECU
  • Brad Johnson of WWU
  • Ed O’Neill of Principal Financial
  • Meg Weber of WWU

TAG Advisory Board:

  • Austin Baar of Whatcom IT
  • Aaron Booker of Varvid
  • Brian Bunke of Janicki Industries
  • Mary Elliott of Bellingham Makerspace
  • Don Goldberg of Port of Bellingham
  • Robin Halliday of (TAG Emeritus)
  • Bill Miller of WWU
  • Tami Morrison of Saturna Capital
  • Marty Mulholland of City of Bellingham
  • Dwayne Neufeld of KDS Northwest
  • Guy Occhiogrosso of Bellingham Chamber
  • Mark Peck of Emergency Reporting
  • Chris Roselli of WWU
  • Corrinne Sande of WCC & NCyTE Center
  • Gina Stark of Port of Bellingham
  • Janice Walker of WCC & NCyTE Center
  • Carl Willis-Ford of GDIT & WCC

TAG Events Committee:

  • Chris Powell of WWU
  • Alicia Williams of VSH CPA
  • Chaired by TAG Board Member Meg Weber of WWU

TAG Marketing Committee:

  • Aaron Booker of Varvid
  • Josh Burdick of Veritas Media
  • Chaired by TAG Board Member Matt Bain of Sole Graphics

TAG Membership Committee:

  • ¬†Austin Baar of Whatcom IT
  • Garth Johnson of DIS
  • Carl Willis-Ford of GDIT & WCC
  • Chaired by Michael Gan of TAG

TAG Sponsorship Committee:

  • Greg Crowder of Conversica
  • Kathryn Mathews of BTC
  • Chaired by Michael Gan of TAG

Again, thank you to all who serve. If YOU would like to serve and support our technology community please contact us. We would love to have you. Stay tuned for our Spring Update featuring several topics of feedback provided in the Annual Meeting Advisory Discussion.


Michael Gan