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TAG Annual Meeting 2020 Announcement

By February 3, 2020TAGNW

UPDATE: Digital Agenda Available

Provided is the TAG Annual Meeting 2020 Digital Agenda. Please note the guided discussion questions, invitation to stay for networking from 7pm – 8pm, and additional emailed response request following the meeting.

Annual Meeting Announcement

All TAG Members are invited to attend the TAG Annual Meeting on the evening of February 25th. Light food and beverages will be provided. Please RSVP by February 21st.

Join fellow TAG Members — including TAG Board of Directors, TAG Advisory Board Members, and TAG Committee Members — as we share 2019 highlights, discuss current and proposed TAG strategies and programs, request advisory input, and elect our Board of Directors. Provide your input to guide the future of TAG!

Advisory input will include a guided table conversation to be documented and presented to the newly elected Board of Directors. The evening will conclude with our Board of Directors election. Thank you for your feedback and support.

The New TAG Membership System

TAG has now fully transitioned into our new membership and sponsorship systems. To participate as a TAG Member at exclusive events, including the TAG Annual Meeting, you now must be either a Student or Individual TAG Member in current standing, the point of contact for a TAG Business Member, or a TAG Partner Member. If this doesn’t describe you, please become a TAG Member to participate.  In addition to exclusive events such as the Annual Meeting, a benefit of TAG Membership is the opportunity to serve in an official TAG role, including as a member of our Board of Directors, Advisory Board, and Board Committees. Details below:

Join our Board of Directors

Interested to provide governance and oversight of TAG? Your participation is welcome on our Board of Directors. The newly elected officers will meet on Thursday February 27th 12pm-1:30pm for our regular TAG Board monthly meeting. Contact us to be a candidate in the election at the Annual Meeting.

Join our Advisory Board

The annual meeting also marks the official congregation of the newly formed TAG Advisory Board. Advisory Board members provide input and guidance for TAG leadership by dutifully representing the interests and needs of our community, providing expertise, and advocating on behalf of TAG. Contact us to be considered for the Advisory Board.

Join a Board Committee

Several committees will be restructured following our Annual Meeting, including Executive, Events, Finance, Marketing, Membership, and Sponsorship. Learn how TAG operates, join a committee, and serve in your community.

Current TAG Leadership

You can review our current TAG Leadership on our website, including our Board of Directors, Advisory Board, and Membership Committee.

Get Involved!

Please contact Michael Gan at president@tagnw.org for more information on how you can join TAG as a member of our Board of Directors, Advisory Board, and Board Committees. Your participation and expertise is welcome and invited! Help us create a new generation of TAG Leadership and Get Involved in your community.