Whatcom STEM

Whatcom STEM

TAGNW is proud to announce Whatcom STEM: a new partnership of businesses, nonprofit organizations, education institutions, and local government to collectively advocate for STEM education and career connected learning in Whatcom County.

Whatcom STEM Overview


Develop and promote STEM education, career connected learning, career pathways, digital literacy, equal access, and equal opportunity for everyone in our community — especially our children.


Soft Launch is in preparation for Winter 2022, including a new website featuring Partner news, events, announcements and organization profiles, community resources, and community campaigns.  Outreach and promotion will leverage website resources, social media, and a monthly newsletter to share STEM resources in Whatcom County. In addition to infrastructure and communications, TAGNW will host a monthly Whatcom STEM event highlighting stories, resources, and news, which will be freely available to our community.


TAGNW leads Whatcom STEM as a major TAGNW program, providing shared infrastructure and communications, and managing relationships with Affiliations, Partners, and Sponsors. As a Whatcom STEM Partner, TAGNW also provides technology programs and services.

Whatcom STEM Partners are businesses, nonprofit organizations, education institutions, and local government who advocate and/or provide STEM education and career connected learning programs and services in Whatcom County. As we launch Whatcom STEM, a few initial Whatcom STEM Partners comprise the Whatcom STEM Planning Committee.

The Whatcom STEM Planning Committee provides guidance during the formation and launch of Whatcom STEM, providing insight from their personal and professional experience, and on behalf of their Partner organizations.

Whatcom STEM Sponsors are Partners that financially support Whatcom STEM operations, programs, and services. In gratitude, sponsors will be provided sponsorship benefits, including invitation to serve on the Whatcom STEM Advisory Committee and Whatcom STEM Industry Committees.

The Whatcom STEM Advisory Committee comprises representatives of Whatcom STEM Partners and Sponsors. Members are invited to represent their organization on Whatcom STEM Industry Committees.

Whatcom STEM Industry Committees provide guidance regarding their industry to influence Whatcom STEM programming, represent current industry knowledge, and guide development. Industry Committees in planning include Construction, Energy, Engineering, Finance, Healthcare, Life Sciences, Technology, and Manufacturing.


Whatcom STEM Partners each individually advocate for and/or provide programs and services in support of STEM education and career connected learning in Whatcom County. Partners include:


TAGNW orchestrates affiliation with fellow STEM and career connected learning organizations across Washington State to expand statewide and regional knowledge and programs to Whatcom County and participate in the larger community. Affiliations include:


Interested to learn more? Become a partner? Volunteer? Please contact Michael Gan, Executive Director of TAGNW, with any questions or comments at director@tagnw.org. What programs and resources would you like to see Whatcom STEM provide? We would love to hear from you.