Whatcom STEM

TAG is proud to announce Whatcom STEM, a new initiative to create a county-wide STEM network in Whatcom.  Initial planning and outreach to form a planning committee with diverse stakeholders and community leaders is underway.

Whatcom STEM Program Overview

Strengthening Our Technology Community

For TAG, Whatcom STEM is a natural extension of our 20th Anniversary campaign of Strengthening Our Technology Community as we continue to focus on education, industry, and workforce development serving students, professionals, businesses, non-profit organizations, and local government. With Whatcom STEM, TAG expands our post-secondary programs to include PreK-12 education and broaden community partnerships to support STEM disciplines (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) and Career Connected Learning in accordance with our mission to Engage, Inspire, and Thrive.


We look forward to partnering with Michelle Judson, Director of the Northwest Washington STEM Network, a Washington STEM affiliate, to increase STEM education access, interest, and success for all students leading to high demand living wage jobs in our Northwest Washington communities.

Together we can each make a vital difference by investing in our future.

Planning Phases

Phase 1 Pre-Planning – Spring 2020

  • Initial organizational arrangements
  • Initial stakeholder outreach

Phase 2 Planning – Summer 2020

  • Form Planning Committee
  • Plan STEM Network
  • Form Advisory Committee
  • Form STEM Discipline Subcommittees
  • Arrange initial programming

Phase 3 Soft Launch – Fall 2020

  • Launch initial programming
  • Arrange full programming

Phase 3 Full Launch – Fall 2021

  • Launch full programming


Please contact us with any questions or comments. We are currently seeking stakeholders to help shape Whatcom STEM. We would love to hear from you.