Technology Alliance Group for Northwest Washington (TAGNW) is a nonprofit organization located in Bellingham, WA. Our mission: Advocate for technology education, foster innovation, assist business, workforce, and economic development, and provide community for students, professionals, businesses, nonprofit organizations, and local government in Northwest Washington. We provide events, programs, and services to Strengthen Our Technology Community. Foremost, we build relationships and infrastructure in our community to do the things we do better together.

Please consider becoming a sponsor to support the advancement of technology education, technology industry, and economic development in our community. Thank you for your support!

Note: In 2021, Sponsorships are with our 501C6 organization. We continue to develop the new TAGNW 501C3 organization, and several community action programs and services have transitioned. As 2021 is a year of transition, we also refer to sponsorship as “Metallic Membership”.

Bronze: $500

TAG Website:
Company logo and link to your website
100-word company description
Inclusion in Business Member Directory
Unlimited access to Jobs Board (Employer)

Promotional/Marketing Materials:
Recognition in select news blasts and other promotional activities

Gratis TAG Membership:
5 TAG Gratis Individual Memberships

Silver: $1,000

All Bronze Sponsorship Benefits, plus:

TAG event sponsorship discount (10%)

Complimentary Event Access:
TAG PREDICTIONS: 1 gratis ticket
TAG EXPO: 1 gratis exhibitor table or virtual equivalent
TAG BASH: 1 gratis ticket
TAG SUMMIT: 1 gratis ticket

Member Programs:
TAG Community News Submissions

Gratis TAG Memberships:
10 TAG Gratis Individual Memberships

Gold: $2,500

All Silver benefits, plus:

TAG Website:
250-word company description

TAG event sponsorship discount (20%)

Complimentary Event Access:
TAG PREDICTIONS: 2 gratis tickets
TAG BASH: 2 gratis tickets
TAG SUMMIT: 2 gratis tickets

Gratis TAG Membership:
25 TAG Gratis Individual Memberships

Platinum: $5,000

All Gold benefits, plus:

TAG Website:
500-word company description

TAG event sponsorship discount (30%)

Promotion and Marketing:
Logo on banner at major events
Logo on email blasts

Complimentary Event Access:
TAG PREDICTIONS: 3 gratis tickets
TAG BASH: 3 gratis tickets
TAG SUMMIT: 3 gratis tickets

Member Programs:
Expanded access to workforce development programs
Exclusive TAG Community News submission once per year

Gratis TAG Memberships:
50 TAG Gratis Individual Memberships

Title: $10,000

All Platinum benefits, plus:

Exclusive, customized contract with TAG, including: 
First right of refusal for title sponsorship at all TAG events
Additional tickets, discounts and other benefits customized to suit your organization

Partner: FREE ($2,500 Value)

All Silver benefits, plus:

TAG Website:
Community Partners Page Entry
500-word company description

Member Services:
FREE technology consulting via the TAG Consulting program

Eligible partners include non-profit organizations with a focus of technology, education, economic development, and/or community service. Approval required. Contact us for arrangements.

For more information on becoming a sponsor, please contact us.