TAGNW Service Corps provides FREE technology services to nonprofit, public, and tribal organizations serving the public interest. TAGNW Service Corps connects two great community needs: technology support for organizations serving the public, and paid work-based learning experience for aspiring technologists designed to satisfy academic program graduation requirements. Additionally, experienced technologists are invited to participate in community service and support TAGNW Service Corps Interns by contributing their own expertise via the TAGNW Volunteers Program.

Program Overview


TAGNW Service Corps develops and provides FREE technology services for organizations serving the public. Services may include assessment, setup, and guidance regarding computers, servers, cloud computing, wired and wireless networking, internet and phone services, web design, graphic design, digital marketing, data analytics, and social media. Regional high school, college, and/or university students apply for our open PAID internship positions. Additional assistance and mentorship is provided by TAGNW staff and experienced TAGNW Members via the TAGNW Volunteers program.


Are you a nonprofit, public, or tribal organization and would like to participate in the TAGNW Service Corps program to receive FREE technology services? Please submit a TAGNW Service Corps Client Request. Participation in the TAGNW Service Corps program is also available to all TAGNW Community Partners. Once your request is received, we’ll reach out for an initial consultation to discuss your request.

TAGNW Service Corps Client Request Form

Community Discussion

Community discussion regarding the TAGNW Service Corps program occurs at the TAGNW Community Hub in the #service-corps channel.

TAGNW Community Hub


Please contact Leslie Brendible, TAGNW Program Coordinator, with any questions or comments at leslie.brendible@tagnw.org @Leslie Brendible.

Internship Details

Internship Requirements

  • Be at least 18 years old.
  • Be a TAGNW Member.
  • Agree to follow the TAGNW Code of Conduct.
  • Agree to follow the TAGNW Service Corps Intern Guidelines.
  • Submit a TAGNW Service Corps Internship Application.

Service Corps Intern Guidelines

  • All personal and business information learned during the program is confidential.
  • Avoid situations that could be perceived as inappropriate.
  • If meeting in person, all company policies of locations must be followed.
  • All activities are recommended to be facilitated via the TAGNW Community Hub.
  • All activities outside of official TAGNW events are at individual discretion.
  • Reminder: All participants are fellow TAGNW Members.

Internship Applications

Please review open PAID internship positions at the TAGNW Jobs Board and apply through the TAGNW Jobs Board system. Internship Positions include Cloud Computing, Cybersecurity, Data Analytics, Digital Marketing, Graphic Design, IT, Multimedia, Project Coordination, and Web Development.

TAGNW Jobs Board

Gratis TAGNW Memberships

TAGNW now offers Gratis Individual Memberships for TAGNW Metallic Members. Similarly: students, faculty, and staff of Skagit Valley College, Western Washington University, and Whatcom Community College may claim a FREE TAGNW Gratis Student Membership and participate in TAGNW programs. Please use your organization email address to claim your FREE TAGNW Gratis Individual or Student Membership.