TAGNW Reconnect Partner Overview

Thank you for participating in the TAGNW Reconnect Program! Included is additional information for current and potential program partners. Our program is designed to confirm program participants from referring contacts of established program partners. This allows for vetting qualifying participants and provides efficiency for the program. All nonprofit organizations serving people in need in our community are welcome to participate, and participation is FREE.

Become a Program Partner

Program Partnership

To become a program partner, please (1) review the general public program information on the TAGNW Reconnect Program Website, (2) review the partner program information (this webpage), (3) become a TAGNW Gratis Business Member, and (4) complete a TAGNW Reconnect Partner Application.

Confirmed TAGNW Reconnect program partners include:

  • Opportunity Council

TAGNW Membership

Please review the TAGNW Membership webpage for details and complete your TAGNW Gratis Business Membership for your FREE TAG Membership. Eligible organizations may also receive additional benefits as a TAGNW Community Partner. Benefits include membership for staff members, participation in TAG Programs, free business and technology consulting as a component of TAGNW Consulting, and more!

Partner Application

Please complete the TAGNW Reconnect Partner Application. This provides necessary organization and contact information, and provides insight as to your organizational needs and the needs of the public that you serve.

Partner Confirmation

Upon application, a brief meeting will be arranged to speak with the primary contact for introductions, explore technology needs, and discuss the TAGNW Reconnect program. Partner Requirements will be confirmed. Public Partnership will be requested. Please include a high quality logo of your organization and permission to include on the Reconnect Program webpage, and optionally on the TAGNW Community Partners webpage.

Submit an Application for Program Participants

Client Application

Any staff member of a confirmed partner is welcome to complete the TAGNW Reconnect Client Application form on behalf of a program applicant. This ensures applications are vetted by participating partner organizations. Information collected is used to confirm qualification and to provide assistance.

Client Confirmation

The only requirement for acceptance is confirmation with a social service organization representative. Once approved, the staff member and program applicant will receive an email approval confirmation and invitation to the next available Distribution Day to pickup your computer kit and participate in a brief training.

Distribution Days

Distribution Day

Beginning in August, the TAGNW Reconnect program will arrange a monthly Distribution Day at the Bellingham Public Library. Confirmed program applicants will be invited to attend for a brief program overview, computer training, open Q&A session, and to pickup their computer kit. Please arrange appropriate travel to transport the computer kit, which will be provided in a medium-sized box with all components included.

Distribution Day Location

All Distribution Day events will be held at the Bellingham Public Library’s Central Location (downtown) in the Skillshare space:

Bellingham Public Library – Central Location
Skillshare Space by Main Entrance
210 Central Ave, Bellingham, WA 98225

Distribution Day Dates

  • July 22nd 4pm-5pm
  • August 19th 4pm-5pm
  • September 23rd 4pm-5pm (TBC)
  • October 21st 4pm-5pm (TBC)
  • November 18th 4pm-5pm (TBC)
  • December 16th 4pm-5pm (TBC)


TAGNW Community Hub (Discord)

We use the TAGNW Community Hub (Discord) for all community discussion, including event, program, and services management. Free. All are welcome. Discord is a fantastic online discussion platform featuring public, private, and group text, voice, and video chat.

Centralizing program discussion provides efficiency, encourages self-learning, and provides an incredible depth of resources as we leverage the power of volunteer TAGNW Member volunteers. We encourage all program partners and staff to join the TAGNW Community Hub (Discord) and utilize it as a resource to support their organization both socially and technologically.

Reconnect Section

We have created a Reconnect Program Section, including the #reconnect, #reconnect-organizers, and #v-reconnect channels to support the TAGNW Reconnect program.

Channel purposes:
#reconnect – Main channel for public discussion, participant help requests, etc.
#reconnect-organizers – Private discussion for program management.
#v-reconnect – Similar to the main #reconnect channel, but for voice and video chat.

Please message Michael Gan at the TAG Community Hub to receive the reconnect-organizers role in order to access the #reconnect-organizers channel as this is private.

Project References


Please contact Michael Gan, TAGNW Executive Director, for questions, comments, or to make program arrangements, at director@tagnw.org or 360-312-7105.