A brief description of the many community engagement, community service, and member programs at TAGNW. For more information regarding each program, and for how you can participate, please refer to the specific program website.

Community Engagement Programs

TAGNW Community Engagement Programs focus on expanding awareness and influence of technology and education topics in our community, including Career Launch, Community Hub, Community Groups, Community Partners, Jobs Board, Testing, and Whatcom STEM.

Career Launch

TAGNW Career Launch is the close collaboration of community, education, and industry partners to create a purposeful workforce development strategy for the mutual benefit of all stakeholders. Educational Institutions work to improve programs and student outcomes with the input of Community and Industry Partners. Industry Partners work to improve recruiting, hiring, and training for their organization. Community Partners work closely with Education and Industry Partners to improve effectiveness and efficiency of programs, better understand Industry Partner needs, adapt Industry Partner needs to limitations of academia, and complement Career Launch with value-added community programs. The end result is an ecosystem supporting workforce development efforts and creating highly skilled candidates entering high wage and high demand careers.

Community Hub

Join us at the TAGNW Community Hub on Discord! Discord is a fantastic resource for online communities with public and private text, audio, and video chat. We’ll stay connected while social distancing and embrace our new virtual selves. All TAGNW events, programs, and services will centralize around the TAGNW Community Hub, including Community Groups, Happy Hour (Mondays at 5pm), and Mentorship. Free. Open to everyone. All are welcome.

Community Groups

TAGNW Community Groups are for current and aspiring professionals, entrepreneurs, and innovators interested to participate in a peer group for shared learning, building relationships, and growing community. Current TAGNW Community Groups include Analytics, Connectivity, Creative, Cybersecurity, Digital Marketing, Engineering, IT, Nonprofits, Robotics, and Women in Tech. Each group meets on their own recurrence from weekly to quarterly (mostly monthly). Join us! Free. Open to everyone. All ages, expertise, and experience welcome.

Community Partners

At TAGNW, we collaborate with numerous fellow nonprofit organizations to serve our community! We provide TAGNW membership and partner benefits to to TAGNW Community Partners for just doing the things they do as a partner of TAGNW. Benefits include unlimited job board access as an employer for job, volunteer, and internship positions, complimentary tickets to TAGNW events, promotion of your own major events and announcements, and FREE technology consulting. Let’s do the things we do better together.

Jobs Board

The TAGNW Jobs Board is provided for job seekers and businesses in our community to find each other! ANY job seeker can freely post their resume, and TAGNW Business Members and Community Partners can review resumes and post available positions, including part time, full time, volunteer, and internship positions.


TAGNW Testing is a collaborative program to collect internet connectivity information in our community to understand the existing availability and value of Internet services in our community, raise awareness of available services, and promote improvement of availability for those with little or no access. Internet connectivity is crucial for all communities to participate in modern society. Everything from learning to banking to entertainment is conveniently — and sometimes exclusively — available via the Internet, yet many in our community and around the world have little or no access. You can help by running our internet connectivity tests and encouraging others to do the same. Thank you!

Community Service Programs

TAGNW Community Service Programs focus on serving our community with technology, including Reconnect, Service Corps and Volunteers.


TAGNW Reconnect is a collaborative project to provide technology resources to those in need in our community. Through the Reconnect program, qualifying participants will receive a FREE computer kit, computer training, and volunteer technical support. Qualifying participants are confirmed through our social service organization partners.

Service Corps

TAGNW Service Corps serves our community with technology by providing technology support services to nonprofit and public organizations in a new internship program launching in Winter 2022. TAGNW Service Corps connects two great community needs: nonprofit technology support and paid internship experience for aspiring technologists to assist in technology program graduation, and to provide meaningful work-based learning experience. TAGNW Service Corps was developed in collaboration with Whatcom Community College and will be open to TAGNW Members to participate, including opportunities for experienced TAGNW Members to participate as volunteers and mentors via TAGNW Volunteers.


(Launching Fall 2022!) TAGNW Volunteers serves our community with technology by providing a simple platform for experienced TAGNW Members to volunteer and support nonprofit and public organizations with their technology needs. Projects may include desktops, servers, networking, cybersecurity, web and graphic design, digital marketing, software development, and engineering. Some projects will be executed via the TAGNW Service Corps program, while other projects will be provided directly by volunteers. Organizations benefiting from the work of TAGNW Volunteers are invited to support TAGNW through donation.

Member Programs

TAGNW Membership Programs strengthen our technology community through business and professional development programs, including Internship Support, Job Shadow, Mentorship, and Wellness.

Internship Support

(Launching Fall 2022!) TAGNW Internship Support provides TAGNW Business and Student Members the resources they need for a successful internship experience for all. For businesses, resources include internship program development, community recommendations, frequently asked questions, and personalized consulting. For students, resources include professional development recommendations to successfully establish an internship and maximize their internship opportunity.

Job Shadow

(Launching Fall 2022!) TAGNW Job Shadow organizes short-term, unpaid work-based learning experiences for TAGNW Members. In addition to facilitating relationship connections, TAGNW will provide community guidelines and recommendations to improve the Job Shadow experience.


TAGNW Mentorship connects TAGNW Members to share knowledge, experience, expertise, build lasting relationships, and invest in the next generation of our community. Participating members are placed in a cohort, on-demand, or peer mentorship program based on personal and professional interests with fellow members to grow in personal and professional development together with an invested and supportive peer group.


(Launching Fall 2022!) TAGNW Wellness is a TAGNW member program to strengthen our technology community through support and resources to promote personal and professional emotional, psychological, and physical well-being.


Please contact TAGNW, for any inquiries at president@tagnw.org , 360-312-7105, or at the TAGNW Community Hub. We would love to hear from you.