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Platinum Members

Western Washington University

About: With 15,000 students, 160 academic programs, and an energized campus community, Western offers the focus on students and the faculty access of a smaller college and the academic choice, resources, multicultural diversity, and room to grow of a large university. Not so big that you feel like a number; not so small that you have to conform to a mold. Large enough for you to define yourself and small enough that you make a difference. Washington Monthly Magazine lists Western as the top public master’s-granting university in the Pacific Northwest.
Contacts: Brad Johnson, Meg Weber
Website: wwu.edu

Janicki Industries


Janicki is a privately-owned engineering and manufacturing company with locations in Washington and Utah. We design and build tools, parts, prototypes and assemblies for a myriad of industries, including aerospace, defense, space, marine, architecture and more. We specialize in composite fabrication and precision machining, utilizing our proprietary 5-axis mills.

With over 30 years of experience, we take pride in our customer service and produce high-quality work. We are fully integrated with the facilities, manpower and equipment for programs of any scope. Our engineering and production teams solve demanding challenges for our customers and are well-known for tackling large-scale, high-tolerance projects on tight deadlines.

Contacts: Erin Hurley
Website: https://www.janicki.com/

Gold Members

Saturna Capital

About: Saturna Capital, manager of the Amana, Saturna Sustainable, and Sextant funds, draws upon years of investment experience to aid investors in navigating today’s complex market environment. Founded in 1989, Saturna has helped individuals and institutions build wealth, earn income, preserve capital and achieve their financial goals for more than thirty years.
Saturna’s deep-rooted belief in value investing permeates
all of our investment decisions. We don’t follow trends, we analyze opportunities through detailed research exploring geopolitical developments, industry themes, technology trends, competitive environments, and corporate leadership. We are long-term, values-based, and socially responsible investors. We view consideration of environmental, social, and governance (ESG) factors as essential in forming portfolios of high-quality companies that are better positioned to reduce risk and identify opportunities. We believe that companies proactively managing business risks related to ESG issues make better contributions to the global economy and are more resilient.
At Saturna, we believe in making your investment dollars work hard for you and that your interests always come first. Saturna strives to not only offer the best investment opportunities from mutual funds to IRAs, but to match those sound investments with superior customer service.
Contacts: Sonya J. Luhm
Website: www.saturna.com

Veritas Media Productions

About: Veritas Media specializes in video production for businesses and nonprofits. We work with our clients to find ways that video content can support every aspect of their business, from sales and marketing to customer support and internal training. We’ve helped scores of local organizations create compelling content that produces measurable results. In addition to our production services, we operate Studio V, a meeting space and soundstage at 1213 Cornwall Ave. The space is available to rent (discounts available to TAG members) and is an incredible venue for gatherings in the heart of downtown Bellingham. In 2019 Veritas Media launched Bellingham Tonight, a local talk show with a focus on creating community through conversations. All of the content is community supported and free to watch.
Contacts: Josh Burdick
Website: veritasmediapro.com

Silver Members

Astound Broadband

Website: https://www.astound.com/


About: PogoZone was founded in 2002 in Bellingham, WA, to provide high speed internet access for businesses and homes in the area. Using a combination of fiber optic networks and high speed wireless internet, PogoZone has quickly grown to be one of the premier internet service providers in Whatcom and Skagit Counties. Since 2008, we have dramatically expanded our service not only to cover more parts of Whatcom County, but to increase the variety of services we offer. We have added wireless internet towers to major points of both Whatcom and Skagit county, while improving our fiber optic network to serve major cities in both counties. For our business customers, we’ve added in telephone systems, co-location facilities, support for enterprise services, and more.
Contacts: JD Sinclair
Website: pogozone.com

Bronze Members

Port of Bellingham

About: The Port of Bellingham’s mission is to promote sustainable economic development and to retain and attract livable wage jobs and to assist businesses, entrepreneurs, and local organizations to thrive.  We work with our partners to create a thriving community for al and have expertise in financing, planning, and technology to help you start, develop, or grow your business. What We Do: Promote Whatcom County as a great place to live, work and do business. Connect businesses with economic development services and skilled workforce resources. Assist businesses with the creation of Federal Trade Zones (FTZ), site identification and selection. Work with our partners in Canada to help enhance and grow cross border trade opportunities. Work collaboratively with our local and regional partners to create a vibrant community of higher education learning, prosperous agricultural lands, high tech businesses, marine manufacturing, and local food processing.
Contacts: Gina Stark
Website: portofbellingham.com


About: Founded in 1992, Faithlife Corporation publishes and creates electronic tools and resources for Bible study. It is most well known as the creator of Logos Bible Software, but also publishes tools and resources under a number of other brands, and partners with more than 200 publishers to offer over 40,000 Christian ebooks available to users of its software. Located in Bellingham, Faithlife is a tech company using technology to equip the Church to grow in the light of the Bible. This is the mission behind everything Faithlife makes—from Bible software, to Christian books, to mobile apps, and more.
Contacts: Justin Schoonover, Todd White
Website: faithlife.com