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Maker Faire 2022 on October 1st!

By September 16, 2022Community, TAGNW

Bellingham Makerspace and TAGNW are collaborating to host the Greatest Show & Tell on Earth! Join us at MAKER FAIRE 2022 on October 1st from 11am-6pm at the Bellingham Makerspace to embrace your curiosity. 

Maker Faire 2022 is a gathering of individuals who want to showcase their hobbies, experiments, and projects. The aim of Maker Faire 2022 is to entertain, inform, connect, and grow community. 

Come say hi to Leslie and Michael at Maker Faire 2022! TAGNW is honored to collaborate for this event and will be exhibiting! 

Calling all volunteers! We would love to have more volunteers and community support at Maker Faire 2022. Please contact makerfaire@bellinghammakerspace.org for volunteer opportunities. (Folks with AV experience needed!)

See you on October 1st!