TAGNW Internship Support provides TAGNW Business and Student Members the resources they need for a successful internship experience for all. For businesses, resources include internship program development, community recommendations, frequently asked questions, and personalized consulting. For students, resources include professional development recommendations to successfully establish an internship and maximize their internship opportunity.

Program Overview


TAGNW will provide resources and consulting to TAGNW Metallic Members to assist in establishing and/or improving their own internship program, assist TAGNW Individual and Student Members with professional development resources to fully leverage an internship experience, and assist with internship placement for participating TAGNW Members.


  • Be at least 18 years old.
  • Be a TAGNW Member.
  • Agree to follow the TAGNW Code of Conduct.
  • Agree to follow the TAGNW Internship Support Guidelines.

Gratis TAGNW Memberships

TAGNW now offers Gratis Individual Memberships for TAGNW Metallic Members. Similarly: students, faculty, and staff of Skagit Valley College, Western Washington University, and Whatcom Community College may claim a FREE TAGNW Gratis Student Membership and participate in TAGNW Mentorship and all other TAGNW programs. Please use your organization email address to claim your FREE TAGNW Gratis Individual or Student Membership.

Internship Support Guidelines

  • All personal information shared during the program is confidential.
  • No sharing of photos or information of participants.
  • Avoid situations that could be perceived as inappropriate.
  • If meeting in person, all company policies of locations must be followed.
  • All activities are recommended to be facilitated via the TAGNW Community Hub.
  • All activities outside of official TAGNW events are at individual discretion.
  • Reminder: All participants are volunteers and fellow TAGNW Members.

Business Participation

TAGNW Internship Support is a service provided to TAGNW Metallic Members. Not a TAGNW Metallic Member? Review our Metallic Membership page for details. See contact information below to inquire about interest or to arrange participation.

Student Participation

Please review and complete the online TAGNW Internship Support Form to participate. Information is used only for contact by TAGNW program organizers and to inform program interests.

TAGNW Internship Support Application Form


Please contact TAGNW, with any questions or comments at president@tagnw.org, 360-312-7105, or at the .