Elections in Whatcom County and the City of Bellingham are scheduled for November 2023.  Now is our chance to shape the agenda for the candidates who are running for office.  TAGNW is looking for input on what technology focussed issues are on the minds of citizens.  Below are some topics and areas for inspiration.  Please send us your vote (info@tagnw.com) for the top three issues and questions you’d like addressed.

Proposed Technology Issues for the 2023 Election

Government Analytics

  • How can the government provide better analytics and data transparency?
  • What data standards (ex: Open Data) and interoperability best practices should be employed?
  • How should key performance indicators (KPI’s) be summarized and presented to measure progress to our goals?

Citizen Engagement & Collaboration

  • How can the current Virtual town hall forums be more effective
  • How can we use technology to make public hearings more effective and citizens engaged?
  • How should the government use social media channels?
  • How can online surveying tools be used to capture the voice of the citizen?
  • What types (newsletters, issue management tools) of communication are most effective?

City Website

  • What information is missing or not well documented?
  • How can the site be better organized?

Smart City Initiatives

  • What technology services should government consider to improve quality of services?

Technology Infrastructure for Economic Development

  • What are the key tech enablers for motivating new business investment (Broadband/fiber availability)?
  • How can Bellingham improve its infrastructure using new and proven technology solutions?

Digital Divide

  • Bridging the digital divide is a pressing issue for city governments.
  • The disparity in access to technology, such as high-speed internet, devices, and digital literacy skills, can create inequities in accessing government services, education, employment opportunities, and civic participation.
  • City governments should address this divide to ensure equal access and opportunities for all residents.

Cybersecurity & Data Privacy

  • How should our government invest in technology and staff to protect city services and mitigate cyber-terrorism?
  • What best practice data privacy standards are best for our city to adopt?