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TAG is expanding! Do you represent an official or unofficial community group focused on technology, education, outreach, and/or economic development? Contact us to learn how you can become a TAG Community Group. If our goals align, we’ll welcome you to participate as a TAG Community Group in the spirit of complimentary reciprocity for just doing the things you do as a partner of TAG. Benefits include invitation to TAG activities and promotion of your own events and announcements. Let’s do the things we do better together.

TAG Community Groups

TAG Community - Cybersecurity

TAG Cybersecurity

About: A TAG Community Group focused on Cybersecurity. Comprising regional cybersecurity professionals, faculty, and students. We’ll meet monthly for presentations, discuss cybersecurity topics, provide support for students entering the field, and organize community service events.
Contacts: David Hirsch & Dr. Carl Willis-Ford (email)
Events: Monthly TBD.
Resources: EmailTAG Slack (Slack Invite)

TAG Community - Digital Marketing

TAG Digital Marketing

About: The TAG Digital Marketing group is for anyone who works in digital marketing or information technology, including developers, project managers, DBAs, business analysts, graphic designers, content creators, social media people, SEO, SEM, and more. If you work with digital marketing or IT, please join us!
Contacts: Adam Resnick (email), Courtney Rambo (email), Samantha Hale (email)
Events: Quarterly as scheduled.
Resources: TAG Slack (Slack Invite)

TAG Community - IT Leadership

TAG IT Leadership

About: A focused community of current and aspirational IT leaders to share questions, solutions, ideas and more with a network of peers in a casual lunch environment.
Contacts: Brian Bunke (email)
Events: Monthly Meeting on second Wednesday at 12pm.
Resources: Email, TAG Slack (Slack Invite)

TAG Community - Women in Tech

TAG Women in Tech

About: Join us in discussion about current or pertinent WiT issues and meet other women working in technology.
Contacts: Marcy Sutton (email)
Events: As scheduled.
Resources: Webpage, Private Facebook GroupTAG Slack (Invite)

Other Community Groups

Bellingham Bitcoin

Bellingham Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency

About: We are all about the bitcoin, cryptocurrency and the blockchain movement. Our goal is to expand the use and adoption of digital decentralized currency. We aim to spread the word about this amazing new technology and monetary system. If you are brand new to cryptocurrency or a seasoned veteran we welcome you to come learn, teach and even speak.
Contacts: Dan Marshall (email)
Events: Monthly Meeting on the First Monday at 6:30pm.
Resources: MeetupTAG Slack (Invite)

Bellingham Codes

Bellingham Codes

About: A social group dedicated to growing the local developer community. We meet online in slack and in person once a month.
Contacts: Kevin Stock (email)
Events: Monthly Meeting on the First Thursday at 6:30pm.
Resources: Webpage, Meetup, Slack (Slack Invite)


Bellingham Linux Users Group (BLUG)

About: BLUG was started in 1998 by a small group of computer geeks who wanted to get off Windows and learn from local Unix gurus. We hold a presentation meeting the first Thursday of the month at Bellingham Technical College in Campus Center CC201. On the second Thursday we hold an informal organization meeting with the time and location announced on the mailing list. We also put on special events including the regional LinuxFest Northwest in the Spring.
Organizers: James Mason (email)
Events: Monthly Meeting on the First Thursday at 6:30pm.
Resources:  Webpage, Meetup



About: The mission of NextTech is to facilitate the continued growth of our vibrant tech community through informative, yet fun events. We welcome all walks of technology be it anything from programming to manufacturing the first time traveling machine! This is an open group that meets once a month to gather and discuss the latest technology trends, economic impacts, challenges and successes.
Contacts: Vida Clement (email), Shane Gildnes (email), Adrian Santangelo (email)
Events: Monthly Meeting on the Third Thursday at 6:30pm (Sept-June).
Resources: MeetupTAG Slack (Invite)

Northwest Tech Women

NW Tech Women

About: Formerly Girl Develop It Bellingham, this group is all about coming together as intersectional women in technology in northern Washington. Our intent is to foster a welcoming and judgment-free atmosphere for women and girls, genderqueer and non-binary people; however, those of all genders, skill levels and interests within technology are welcome at our events. By growing our professional networks, we can empower each other, inspire positive growth and support our community. In 2019 and beyond, our focus will be on increasing group diversity and finding ways to volunteer our time and skills in the community.
Contacts: Marcy Sutton (email)
Events: As scheduled.
Resources: MeetupBellingham Codes Slack (Invite)

Whatcom IT Professionals

Whatcom IT Professionals (WITP)

About: Whatcom IT Professionals is a meetup group geared toward local business IT professionals to grow, share and explore the technical side of the business while maintaining a social atmosphere between established and new people of the industry. Topics will range from Networking, Servers, Documentation, Programming, Web Development and Customer Relations. Other minor topics may include trending IT related news within the industry.
Contacts: Austin Baar (email)
Events: Monthly Meeting on the First Friday at 6:00pm.
Resources: MeetupTAG Slack (Invite)