Please contact Michael Gan, TAGNW Executive Director, at or via the TAG Community Hub with any inquiries, questions, or comments that are not subject to the process outlined below.

Updated January 1, 2021


Technology Alliance Group for Northwest Washington represents a community of current and aspirational technology professionals and the many professional, business, and educational roles that support and advocate technology education in our beautiful region. We celebrate and encourage diversity. All are welcome.

We commit to create a safe and inviting environment for all of our members to express themselves, including their diverse points of view. ANY effort to undermine this commitment will not be tolerated. We believe the vast majority of TAG Members and our growing technology community are respectful individuals who share our commitment. We also believe it is important to create an explicit social contract to define our shared values, and — perhaps more importantly — describe what happens when those values are breached.

Put simply, we encourage you to: Be honest, respectful, and professional.

TAG Code of Conduct

  • Be honest.
  • Be respectful.
  • Be professional.
  • Follow the law.
  • Follow situational rules, if any.
  • Be mindful of how you represent yourself.

All participants of TAG activities agree to abide by the TAG Code of Conduct regarding their behavior. Any directive by a TAG representative concerning a potential violation of the TAG Code of Conduct must be followed immediately, but may be appealed after 24 hours.

Minor Offense

You are encouraged to respectfully communicate a minor offense directly to the individual(s) involved in an attempt to resolve amicably. We aspire to be open minded adults who can learn and grow with the corrective input of our peers. The remainder of the TAG Code of Conduct and Report process is designed for circumstances where this is not reasonable or appropriate and an official response is warranted.


“Behavior” includes any communication (written, verbal, nonverbal, or visual) or act. “Activities” include any TAG event or program. All federal, state, and local laws must be followed. Any situational rules must be followed, if applicable, including location rules and/or additional rules of an event or program. A “TAG representative” includes TAG Staff, TAG Board of Directors, and TAG Committee Members of current TAG Leadership. Any consequence of a directive, if any, may be appealed after 24 hours. Consequence of ignoring a directive by a TAG representative is described in Report Response, below.


Please report any conduct unbecoming of a TAG Member and/or occurring at a TAG activity via the TAG Community Code of Conduct Report Form. You may instead directly report to any individual of the TAG Membership Committee. In either case, a written report is required. Note: If using the electronic form and desiring followup contact, the reporter MUST include their contact information, however this is not necessary.

Report Review

Upon receiving a report, the TAG Membership Committee will convene, review the report, collect information regarding the report including contacting individuals involved, attempt to confirm report details, and determine the appropriate response.

Report Response

A Report Response will be written and separately provided to reporter, reportee, and the TAG Executive Committee. Depending on severity and confirmation of report, response may include no action, warning, or ban from participation in TAG activities. Ban may include revocation of TAG Membership without refund. Time period may vary from one month to indefinitely.


A directive or Report Response by a TAG representative may be appealed after 24 hours via the same TAG Community Code of Conduct Report Form. An appeal will prompt re-assessment of a directive or Report Response if significant new information is provided. The Report Response of an Appeal is final.

Legal Matters

Any legal matter will be immediately reported to the proper authorities.