Upcoming Meetings

Join us for our next Women in Tech meeting on Wednesday, October 4th. The meeting will be held at the TAG offices at 103 E. Holly Street, Suite 214.  Bring a lunch and join us from 12pm-1pm. Come meet other women working in technology as we discuss the month’s topic. Every month we discuss a new topic about the different issues effecting women in tech.

We will also soon have a calendar up of the upcoming Women in Tech events with dates, topics and other details.

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Women in Tech News

Check out this podcast about women working in cybersecurity from thecyberwire.com. Featuring “a range of women, from students to industry leaders, for candid conversations about their personal journeys, their experiences as women in a male dominated field, and their advice to women considering a career in cybersecurity.”

Interesting article from The Guardian. Smashing the Silicon Valley patriarchy: anti-Lean In strategy puts onus on men. ““I am teaching men to actively work to end patriarchy,” she says. “The point is to eliminate privilege and my approach is, hey, you believe that this is the right thing to do.”