The Technology Alliance Group for Northwest Washington (TAG), founded in 1999,  represents over 3,000 technology professionals and addresses a mailing list and social audience that spans the Pacific Northwest.  We focus on:

  • Recruitment of companies and professionals.
  • Connecting workforce with jobs.
  • Training and Development of the skills base of innovation economy workers and future talent.
  • Spreading and applauding awareness and news about regional tech trends, companies and people.
  • Partnering with educational institutions to prepare the future leaders in the innovation economy.

TAG focuses on attracting and retaining talent and companies to help our local economy thrive.   Bringing innovation economy professionals together for informative, fun and unique opportunities facilitates the growth and development of our community.      At TAG our work is informed by the commitment that an engaged, inspired and thriving tech sector is at the center of the future of Bellingham.

  • We believe that Bellingham is a great place to live, work and play. Technology empowers businesses and is the best catalyst for future growth in our community.
  • We build lasting relationships by making strong connections within and across the technology community.  
  • We are an association of industry professionals devoted to connecting businesses and helping them succeed.
  • We are creating a community where innovators, businesses and the people behind them have access to the tools and resources they need to be successful.

Many of the well-known local success stories of the last 15 years have come from the Tech Sector relocating to Bellingham. These include: Faithlife; Ryzex; Alpha Technologies; Emergency Reporting; Blackrock Cable; ActionSprout, Conversica and many others all supported in their development by TAG.

TAG has been key to the advancement of:

  • Early broadband access throughout Bellingham.
  • Tax incentives to encourage the startup community and relocation.
  • Funding and prominence of computer science and cyber security degree paths that are now at the core of the success of our institutions of higher learning.
  • Industry guidance, insights and mentorship  of K-20 programs.
  • Events that attract business leaders from around the Pacific Northwest.

Today TAG is central to the development of opportunities for the waterfront project, and the growth of jobs and companies in our region. We emphasize economic development efforts spanning grassroots to large scale regional events. TAG is engineered to play a key role in Economic Development.  Our goal is to attract innovation companies and professionals to move to and grow in Bellingham.  We do this in four ways:

  • Lead Development: Identify and target individuals and companies. Using the grassroots connections and insights of our industry-connected board, membership, executive director, and TAG Economic Development Group (TEDO), we invite targeted leads to Bellingham for TAG events and tours of local businesses and business areas.
  • Four key events spaced throughout the year attract attendees from around the Pacific Northwest, while building the skills and abilities of our local innovation sector to grow jobs, showcase diversity and enrich community.
  • PREDICTIONS WITH MARK ANDERSON, held each January, draws 150+  thought leaders from Whatcom, Skagit and King Counties, with reach through live streaming throughout the state of Washington.
  • TECH EXPO INDUSTRY CELEBRATION AND JOB FAIR, held each Spring, has grown to draw over 400 industry professionals, job seekers and community members.  Highlighting success stories, creating opportunities to connect and learn about the innovative future of the community.
  • TECH BASH, Held each summer, is a great opportunity for a great time out to support education.
  • TECH CONFERENCE, regional conference with coverage throughout the Pacific Northwest, placing Bellingham squarely front and center for professional innovation.
  • Speaker Series. Through our major events and smaller technology events, we bring in speakers from the Seattle area for innovative and inspiring programing to our local community. The Port will have opportunity to meet and host these individuals for local tours.
  • Promote Bellingham’s innovation community at regional events.  Partnering with statewide technology associations, Geekwire, and New Tech, we connect with growing technology companies throughout the State.

The Denver Economic Miracle

On February 24, Glen Sibley, Managing Director of McCaffery Interests came to Bellingham and presented “The Denver Economic Miracle”. Glen is a 35-year veteran commercial real estate developer based in Denver, and he talked to us about how Denver’s economic development communities came together beginning in the recession of the mid-1980s to help create the thriving, vibrant city it is today.

Glen’s talk demonstrated the challenges that Denver faced (many of which bear striking similarity to the challenges facing the Bellingham/Whatcom community today) and how they were addressed and overcome, bringing together a diverse range of economic development professionals with the public and private sectors.

Glen’s engaging talk was inspiring to our audience of leaders in economic development and he has generously made the slideshow from the talk available to look at below.